How It Works?

Our SSL installation and setup service is fast and quick. Usually it takes just an hour to get the SSL installed and activated. However, Our estimated time of delivery is within 24 working hours.

This is a lifetime free SSL from Let's Encrypt certificate authority which is backed by Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Mozilla, CISCO and other big brands. You only pay for Setup and installation services - and there is no additional or hidden cost for anything including SSL certificate.

1Click the Order Now Buttom And Fill Out The Form To Get Started.

Fill out the SSL order form, Submit all the necessary details such as domain name, Hosting details, Login info for both Domain Registrar and Hosting account. In case of cloud VPS, provide Root login details for linux server or upload SSH key with username.

After you've filled up all the necessary information then proceed to check out. Make the payment online using your Credit/Debit card, PayPal or just select the option to "Pay later" after the work is done. Chat with us or call our Phone number for any assitance.

After you have confirmed your Order, then just sit back and relax, We will receive the Order information immediately and start working on the job as soon as possible. We promise to deliver the SSL installation and activation within 24 working hours. Once the SSL is installed and working you will receive a confirmation either by email or a phone call.

In case you have any doubts or question, fell free to talk to us either by calling at +1 786 753 7811, or writing an email at [email protected].

Choose Your SSL

For your convenience, we have mentioned all the SSL options for different hosting types. Select the one best fits your need, fill out the form with all the information you have and proceed to checkout.

SSL Installation Services For Vultr Apps

SSL for Vultr

Get Life time free SSL for WordPress App or other website hosted on Vultr cloud VPS. Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, CentOS or Other Linux server with Apache or Nginx webserver.

SSL Installation For DigitalOcean Apps

SSL for DigitalOcean

Life time free auto renewable SSL for WordPress or any other website on DigitalOcean cloud VPS. Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, CentOS or Other Linux Distribution server with Apache or Nginx webserver.

SSL Installation for Website Hosted on AWS


SSL from Let's Encrypt for Website hosted on Amazon Lightsail or EC2. Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, CentOS or Other Linux Distribution server with Apache or Nginx webserver. Working SSH key is Mandatory.

Free SSL Installation For Free Serverpilot Apps

SSL Installation for ServerPilot Apps

Get lifetime free and auto renewable SSL from Let's Encrypt for Websites or App deployed by ServerPilot's Cloud Hosting Platform.

SSL for Shared cPanel and Plesk Hosting

SSL for Shared cPanel or Plesk Hosting

Secure your website hosted with Shared hosting Plan using software like cPanel or Plesk. Get lifetime free SSL by paying just one time setup fee.

SSL Installation Service for Websites on Google Cloud Hosting

SSL for Cloud VPS from Cloudcone, Google Cloud

No matter which Cloud hosting provider you have signed up with. Be it Google Cloud, Cloudcone, Linode, - we install SSL for all.


Choose Our Add-Ons For Cloud Hosting

To make it convenient for you, we have added some additional services related to cloud hosting, that you can add together to get started from scratch. If you have no idea of cloud hosting or Vultr, DigitalOcean, or AWS services. You can add the 'New Server Setup' service along with the SSL installation, which will include complete website setup and SSL deployment work and get your website Live on https connection.

New Server Setup

New Cloud Server Installation, Setup and Configuration

Starting From


  • New Cloud VPS Setup on Any hosting
  • Installation of LAMP, LEMP Stack
  • Server Optimization with Optional Cloudflare CDN
  • SMTP Mail Server Setup for Contact Form and Other PHP mail function to work
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Landing Page Design

Professional Landing page with Mailchimp Integration for Lead Capturing.

Starting from


  • Responsive Design
  • Sign Up Form
  • Lead Capture with Mailchimp, Aweber API Integration
  • Professional and beautiful look
  • Video Background in Slider
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Multiple Website Hosting

Prepare your server to host multiple website and Install PhpMyadmin to manage databases.

Starting from


  • Setup multiple Virtual hosts to host multiple websites in a Single Cloud VPS***
  • Install PhpMyadmin to manage Databases Graphically.
  • For Apache, Nginx, AWS webserver
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***For "Multiple website hosting" Add-ons, We will only setup upto a maximum of 3 Websites in a Single cloud VPS. Additional Website hosting will cost $5 each.

Benefits Of SSL Certificate
Cloud SSL installation & Setup Services

Benefits of SSL

Now is the best time to get your website secured and gain customer's trust and confidence at very nominal cost. SSL has also become one of the important factors in deciding Search engine ranking.

It encrypts the sensitive information sent across the Internet.
SSL Provides Authentication & Trust
SSL is required for PCI Compliance
SEO advantages after recent Google's Announcement
PCI compliant (Payment gateways don't work with websites without SSL)

SSL is an application protocol that encrypts the connection between webserver and a user's web browser so that any data packets sent over the internet are secured and can only be read by the recipient it is intended for.

With the evolution of internet and cybercrimes, SSL has now become backbone of the internet security and with the release of Chrome 68, and recent Google's announcement all the website without SSL will be marked as not secure. Those websites which have an active SSL certificate will show a https protocol in browser's address bar.

SSL is also mandatory for E-commerce websites as Payment Processors don't allow transaction over http connection. So don't wait and think, simply order lifetime free SSL installation service today.

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There are mainly three types of SSL certificates on the basis of their validation method at the time of issuance.

  1. Domain Validated (DV) – This types of certificates are issued after validating the ownership of your domain. During the issuance process you may be asked to create a 'TXT' DNS record with a specific value in your domain nameserver. Sometimes you may also be asked to upload a small file to the root directory of your domain. Such SSL certificates are issued quickly and are good for personal and small business websites. DV certificate provides secure connection over strong 128/256-bit encryption with 2048/4096-bit signature. However, DV certificates do not provide the explicit business identity, i.e it does not show your business name in the browser's address bar.

  2. Organization Validated Certificate(OV) – OV certificates are usually deployed by medium and large scale businesses. They offer higher security and assurance and when you click to show details of the certificate, they show the name of the organization they are issued for. Often, there are also some warranty or insurance amount provided by the certificate issuer. An end user can claim for upto the guaranteed amount in case of loss of money during payment processing. OV certificates are issued not just by verifying the domain ownership but also a manual vetting process followed by documents exchange, personnel contact and its verification against business registry databases hosted by governments.

  3. Extended Validation Certificates(EV) – EV certificates are almost same as OV SSL certificates and issued in the same way as OV (Organization Validated) certificates are. The primary difference between OV SSL and EV SSL is the green seal in browser's address bar which shows the name of the organization as shown in the picture below. This type of SSL certificate is very costly and offers highest level of trust, security and assurance which is why is mostly used by major global organizations, banks and Government entity. SSL Installation Service by Experts

Choosing our SSL installation services has various exclusive advantages over costlier service provider. Most of the service providers, who offer SSL setup and installation services, have some sort of business tie up with a few SSL provider company and they charge high amount for installation and a separate fee for SSL certificate. SSL certificate issued by them are mostly paid and has to be renewed each year and you will have to pay renewal charge along with the installation fee again.

On the other hand, we offer you a lifetime solution. You only pay once and only for the SSL installation service. There is no cost for certificate. The SSL/TLS certificates are issued by a free, automated, and open Certificate Authority known as Let's Encrypt. Let’s Encrypt is an open certificate authority founded by the non-profit Internet Security Research Group (ISRG), whose members and sponsors are global organizations like Mozilla, CISCO, EFF, Facebook, Internet Society, Akamai, Shopify, Redhat, Verizon, Ford Foundation, Automattic, Squarespace, Zendesk and many more. The Best thing about Let's Encrypt SSL is that the certificate issuance, authentication and renewal processes are automated.

Apart from the benefit of free SSL from Let's Encrypt, here are some exclusive benefit of choosing us as your setup and installation provider.

  • We are available 24/7
  • Our experts are very professional and knowledgeable.
  • Our setup fee is minimal and is charged only for once in a lifetime.
  • We can be contacted through phone, chat, or email.
  • We also offer remote desktop support with teamviewer or GoToAssist.
  • We support all the cloud VPS including Vultr, DigitalOcean, AWS, GC, Linode, Cloudcone,, OVH, and other Cloud hosting server with LAMP, LEMP stack..
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Benefits Of SSL Installation Services

Got Questions? Call Us

Need information about the SSL installation process? Or any query related to SSL certificates? Give us a Call!

+1 786 753 7811

About SSL Installation Service

Our SSL installation services are delivered by highly experienced server administrators. We are available 24x7 for any types of support including remote desktop support for SSL certificate. If you are experiencing any issue or getting any error related to SSL, such as mixed content error or images not loading up correctly. You can always contact us through chat, phone or email. We will respond to you as soon as possible.

The SSL certificates that we install are issued by Let's Encrypt, which is an open source certificate authority. The certificates are free for lifetime and issued in an automated server environment with ACME protocol. Let's Encrypt SSL certificates are valid for 3-months and get renewed in every third month automatically. So you don't need to worry about paying ever again or contacting any support for renewal or setup. These certificates are Domain validated (DV) certificates so it is issued and activated quickly and works with all the browsers and suported by all the search engines. They are also PCI compliant and secure enough to boost your website's ranking.

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This fellow, HawkDiveMedia, was excellent! Communication was simple and fast. He does excellent work and I will be back to use other skills he has. It is good to find such a skilled and diligent person as this one is.

Lucid Boomer, United States
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HawkDiveMedia is very knowledgeable and professional. He went above and beyond. Excellent customer service. Highly recommended., Canada
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Very fast and efficien work.Offered various suggestions, and made sure I got exactly what I wanted. If you want professional work make sure to hire hawkdivemedia!

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very fast help, very friendly communication, very good and professional competence.

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Needed to install SSL on wordpress on Google Cloud. Very competant seller, and very persistant in finding out the cause of why the SSL was failing. Its all working now thanks to the seller, very pleased with the result. Would recommend.
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A true professional. I am impressed by his work ethic and expertise. You would be mistaken not to attempt to work with.

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This is my second project with HawkdiveMedia. Once again Nasir stepped up to the plate with very little notice. fantastic work customer service is second to none over the moon with my results!

Jill K, United Kingdom
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This was my 5th project with HawkdiveMedia - this job was to do ssl installation and some fixes to a Wordpress website with SSL installation for one of my clients - he is quick, smart, good at what he does, and gets the job top it off, his English is great, so I don't need to go over anything with him twice, he just gets it. Highly recommend.

Rachel, United Kingdom

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